Empowerment Training, Apprenticeship, and Mentoring Program in 2017

Training, Apprenticeship, and Mentoring  Program can Empower

Our  Training, Apprenticeship,  & Mentoring Programs are unique and are special designed for empowerment. Training can be delivered at our location, your location or on WhatsApp depending on which option best suits your need, we can also conduct training for  groups (Organizations,Churches, Schools, Companies).


Training Program:

If you need a specialized training  please contact us


Apprenticeship Program

This Training program is suitable for you if you want to build a career in information technology and do not have the means to go to the university. This a practical one-year training program that takes you from very basics of computer to the techy professional level.

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 Mentoring Program for Youths and Women in the Niger Delta Region

At this level we believe you already know your way around the computer and website Development and you want to be mentored. We will mentor you for a period of 6 months and get you prepared with experience to either work in a team or for yourself.

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